How Can AoT Unleash

Your Product’s Potential?

Apps of Things (AoT) defines apps that turn physical products into connected, reactive and “smart” devices. Derived and made possible by Internet of Things (IoT), AoT brings connectivity to everyday products, transforming them into “smart” devices with capabilities that allow them to address a wider range of users’ needs.

Our mission is to make it easier for companies to advance into the AoT world.

Connect with Your Users and Offer the Best Experience

By connecting your physical product to an app, you fundamentally transform your communication with your users, turning a formerly one-sided conversation into a dialogue. You now have the ability to communicate with users directly, in real-time and in-turn, they can offer constant feedback on the product. The app also allows you to generate a personalized user experience, based on a user’s preferences, environment and needs. The app constantly gathers more information about its users’, further personalizing and improving their experience based on analysis of past behavior.

Gain Insights into Your Product

Creating an app for your product means that you gain access to information that in the past was partial and delayed at best. Information about the demographics of the people who purchased your product, the way your customers are using your product, your product’s most popular features and more insightful information that is now at your fingertips. These insights allow you to base your product roadmap on facts rather than hunches. You are able to improve your product and make decisions about it according to how your users are actually using it, what they like about it and what they don’t.

Discover Lifetime Value and Transform Your Business

These new found up-sell options greatly increase customer’s’ lifetime value. We consistently see the immense business consequences driven by turning a product into a connected device – It impacts sales, marketing, product roadmap, maintenance and even the business model. It’s transforming the whole line of business! Let us tell you how we do it and what it can do for you…