We here at Zemingo take great pride in thinking about, and developing valuable ways of merging the digital (mobile) world with the physical world, hence the name Apps of Things (AoT). But every now and then, a creative idea comes along that just leaves us truly impressed.

In this post, we wanted to highlight a few of the most innovative and unique Apps of Things that truly mesh physical with digital, without compromising on usability. After all, an idea is only great if your intended users actually benefit from it.


Richard Murutar, who named his invention SprayPrinter, started off by trying to paint a life-sized unicorn on his daughter’s bedroom wall, and after discovering his artistic skills leave a lot to wish for, he reached for a combination of hardware and software to create the freestyle spray paint printer.

SprayPrinter’s technology consists of a wireless Bluetooth attachment that fits over a standard spray paint can and controls the flow of paint from the spray nozzle with a back facing LED light that tells the connected mobile device where exactly the paint head is located on the painted surface. The connected mobile device is mounted on a tripod facing the surface and ensures that layers of paint are sprayed only in the right places.


(Disclosure Fitch is a client of Zemingo) Fitch allows you to use your smartphone to drop a finishing line beyond any casting stroke where bigger fish are schooling. Rise above limitations like rough surf, shallow water, and headwinds while overcoming extreme distances.


If you’ve been spending any time online, especially on social networks, chances are you’ve seen Snapchat’s Spectacles. In case you haven’t, the social-powered app sunglasses cost about $130 a pair and come equipped with a camera inside, which takes snaps of the world without ever removing them from your face. Snapchat has even gotten creative about how they’re selling the smart glasses, by strategically placing pop-up vending machines.

To record a snap (picture or video), you’ll tap a button the top left-hand corner of the sunglasses. It will automatically stop recording after 10 seconds, but you can tap again to add another 10-second increment (you can record up to 30 seconds at a time). You’ll see an inward-facing light when you’re snapping, while an outward facing light to show others when you’re recording and they’re in your field of view.


Since we’re on the topic of smart glasses, take a look at Vue, the ‘next’ big promise of smart glasses that have yet to prove themselves beyond their current Kickstarter phase. Vue, are everyday smart glasses that ‘will’ come in prescription, plano, and sunglasses styles.

At a basic level, Vue functions as glasses, meaning you will be able to order the lenses you depend on, whether they are prescription, non-corrective (plano), or sunglasses.
Vue frames come with integrated technology, so your glasses will be able to do more than meets the eye.


Parents know that one of their biggest concerns is making sure their children stay hydrated enough. Gululu helps kids stay healthy and build great habits that will last for a lifetime. This bottle does both of these things by measuring and rewarding healthy hydration habits. In other words, Gululu turns drinking water into a Tamagotchi-like game for kids.

The pets in Gululu motivate kids to develop healthy habits on their own. When your child drinks from Gululu Interactive Bottle, the pet grows happier and evolves. Pets also respond to multiple physical interactions that stimulate engagement. This constant interaction both entertains and encourages beneficial habit formation.


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