All you need and only what you need to succeed in the world of consumer IoT

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Copilot was designed just for you.

One day you will have millions of connected devices and users, armies of customer support operators, a floor full of business analysts and a fancy digital marketing department. But for now, as you’re ramping up production, you could use an extra hand.

Zemingo Copilot is a robust, nimble, scalable and quickly deployed IoT platform that serves all your needs and avoids the burden of heavy industrial IoT platforms such as Amazon, Google, IBM and others. Copilot will keep you focused on what really matters in the world of connected devices – building strong relationships with your users that will deliver value and drive revenue.


Your first line of defense. Help users in time and prevent churn


Control all aspects of your devices to ensure seamless functionality


Get data driven business insights in order to optimize your product


Easily connect with your users and increase monetization over time


Get all the data about a specific user (by email or device ID) including devices information, type of mobile devices used and OS, as well as full actions log for a more efficient support operation


View and control all deployed devices, user accounts and apps installed. Perform selective over the air firmware upgrades, user account updates and app force upgrades


A custom-tailored analytics dashboard, focused on actionable data and adapted to the relevant stage of the product. Arranged and presented by device/user/app, it provides a broad and effective view of the customer base


Create automatic real times rules to engage with your user base. Communicate the right message to the right people at the precise right moment to get maximum effect. Increase user engagement, drive good reviews in online stores, build a social marketing effect and sell the next logical product or service

System Architecture

Copilot Control Center

Copilot Cloud

Mobile Core + Custom App / Skill

Connected Device

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