A Digital Factory

Smart, Digital

Emerald is a technology company developing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for small and medium factories.

Their flagship product, Emerald LeaderMES increases production efficiency by monitoring manufacturing machines and devices not connected to overall digital system, gathering information and allowing for optimization of the production process


Emerald needed to modernize a legacy system, going back 15 years and with a very complex interface, to improve how they solve the needs of various stakeholders in factories. Recent advancements in the industry and in IoT called for a major overhaul. So they partnered with Zemingo to do everything from defining key user personas and developing product definition to designing the user experience and creating a brand new visual identity.


The way to solve these challenges was to focus on prioritizing and solving specific problems the different users were experiencing. While designing the optimal interface, the product UX process heavily relied on UX research – closely observing and interviewing users in the factories, understanding the issues they will deal with daily, rather than designing in a “lab”.

Eventually, two native mobile applications were developed, each serving a different persona in the factory environment: A mobile app for the factory owner/CEO/board and a tablet app for production floor personnel, namely the machine operators.


The main ROI of the product ux activity was clear: the system provided clear and usable information that led to production efficiencies (such as reduced energy costs), increased employee productivity, and more. In addition, LeaderMES became a new tool which engaged the factory CEOs and top management, and turned into a valuable tool in their day to day workflow, giving them and easy and straightforward overview of the operation.


Developing a solution for Emerald raised some unique challenges; An intricate business logic, contrasting user needs, handling large quantities of crucial information on a small screen operated in tough conditions on the production floor, catering to various types of factories, migrating existing clients from the old system, and more. Zemingo needed to design an interface that is intuitive, efficiently and effectively providing the relevant data in the right context to everyone from floor manager of a 3-machine cloth cutting factory to the CEO of a Hi-Tech automotive manufacturer.

While designing the CEO application, the main challenge was to understand the needs of a decision maker who had no prior interface with any MES, and find a digital concept that will ease their transition process into working with the system. The solution was an executive summary of factory status in an Android and iOS native application, which evolved into a very practical working tool for managers – allowing them to drill down further into the status of critical machines and orders as they need, rather than overloading them with information. Creating levels of information that are adjusted to the user.