Re-think Real Estate

A Disruptive App

There are rare cases where you can actually quantize the value that an app brings to its users. In the case of Reali, a counter on our client’s website represents, the potential value the app could be generating for its users (In USD). As I type these words the current amount is just shy of $2 Billion (yes, with a B). How come an app carries so much value? Well, Reali founders took it upon themselves to revolutionize the way people buy and sell their homes. The huge number represents the amount of money saved by replacing the agent with a sophisticated business logic that is was entirely implemented and embodied into a beautiful mobile app by our team at Zemingo.

The execution included the entire system – iOS and Android native applications, as well as a the implementation of the server side logic and the creation of back office for Reali’s team to operate, interact and manage their users and assets remotely. Zemingo’s implementation included five major elements that make up the Reali experience: Listings, qualification, house tours, chat and commercial finalization. The Reali application represents mobile apps at their best. Its beautifully designed and professionally implemented on both mobile platforms (natively) to provide optimal look & feel, performance and security to the users. We’re very proud to be the engineering team behind it. If you have a few moments, we’ll be happy to take you on a guided tour of the app…

First Glance

If you just download the app, you can enjoy scrolling through the exquisite listings (watch closely, and you will see a very fine parallax effect, it’s understated and does not show off, it just makes the experience feel expensive). When you get a bit more serious, you can go ahead, login and refine your search according to many different parameters, including type, price, size, amenities, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and a very convenient map view with a clear location of the assets and their asking price. See anything that you like? Let’s have you qualified…

The Qualification

There is a lot of paperwork involved when qualifying to buy a house: IDs, pre-qualification documents and more. Within the Reali app we’ve implemented an end-to-end automated process, you can upload your documents at your convenience, have them checked by Reali’s agent in the back-office and finalize the process at your convenience and without ever leaving the app or waste time at the agent’s office. The entire logic is implemented on the server side so it can be altered if needed. Did you see a house that you really like? Well, now that you’re qualified, why not schedule a visit to the property?

The House Tours

Once upon a time you had to find a convenient time for both you your agent, coordinating a meeting location, make sure that you have the right key and everything has to take place during the acceptable (and valuable!) working hours. Well – no more! We’ve implemented a completely automated schedule engine for visiting the house. Once you’ve blocked a convenient time slot (you will see some odd hours there…), you just show up at the house at the designated hour and…unlock the door with your mobile device and walk in! (We’ve seamlessly integrated the app with the smart locks on Reali houses) Once in, the app will sense the beacons as you tour the house and provide you with detailed explanations of the property. Even if it’s at 2am On a Saturday night. Are you ready to make an offer?

The Offer

If you think that now is the time to meet an agent, think again. With the app you can go ahead submit an offer directly from the app. In-fact you manage the entire negotiation and execution of the agreement from your mobile phone. In case you need some good old fashioned synchronous communication, we even developed a bespoke smart chat interface in order to make things smooth and convenient.

The entire project was executed under tough constraints of time and budget in true start-up style. We’ve developed the app using agile methodology which enabled us to monitor our progress closely and make adjustments along the way without compromising on quality. Reali app is both a UX and technical triumph, but its first and foremost a business success that puts Billions of dollars back in the pockets of the people that buy and sell houses and we’re proud to be part of such an endeavor!