Made For the Locals
The Challenge
With the rapid growth of online shopping and delivery apps, Cinch wanted to build something that will both support local and small businesses and benefit the end-users. The need for and potential of small neighborhood stores was clear, from the obvious bars and restaurants to wine & liquor stores, nail salons, cheese shops, yoga studios, and more. How to bring all of them together and also bring the customers was the trick. That's why Cinch partnered with Zemingo to redo its entire product and brand strategy.
What we did
Brand Strategy
Product Design
Product Strategy
UI Design
UX Design
Visual Design
Visual Identity
Client Website
The Solution
By observing customers on-site in stores across New York, talking to owners, and exploring other types of solutions (e.g. loyalty clubs, apps, etc.) we realized the strongest appeal of those businesses, that there is so much to discover, just around the corner. We then started building a brand that conveys both the variety of experiences around you and a sense of neighborhood pride and a product that leverages the personalized offers and deals local establishments have for the users, in a curated, fun and reward-based way.