Click the Pain Away
The Challenge
Anyone who suffers from migraines knows just how bad it can be, and the pain itself is not the only concern - The wide variety of treatments could have serious side effects, fear of addiction, and more. Theranica's unique treatment method and technology - an armband that uses conditioned pain modulation (CPM) to naturally stimulate pain inhibitors - was a challenge to translate into a friendly and easy to use product, and a clear and easy to understand brand that will speak to both patients and physicians.
What we did
Brand Strategy
Product Design
Product Strategy
UI Design
UX Design
Visual Design
Visual Identity
Client Website
The Solution
By conducting extensive user testing on different UX solutions, we were able to find a simple and effective experience, engaging the user to pinpoint the level of treatment and enable the app to learn the patient's specific migraine pattern and lead to better results. Building on that, we design a full graphic system and a brand positioning that captures Theranica's essence as a worry-free migraine solution. The development included everything from initial connection to the new device, all the way to completing all treatment cycles, back-end doctor monitoring, and replenishment.