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We don’t just build Apps
We build Apps of Things.
Zemingo Group is the largest mobile service house in Israel, offering an end-to-end solution for mobile products' creation: design, development and marketing - all under one roof. Working with some of the most cutting edge companies we've accumulated significant experience in the world of Apps of Things (AoT) - applications that transform physical things into connected devices through the virtues of the Internet of Things. Our end-to-end solution is specifically tailored for these unique apps, their special requirements and challenges.
/Design for tomorrow/
IoT applications, or AoT (Apps of Things) are particularly challenging to design. Their connected nature and deep involvement in users' daily lives demand an extremely high standard of user interface and functionality. To design apps for IoT devices we must stay on the bleeding edge of the industry. That's why we based our studio in NYC, design nerve center of the world. We don’t follow trends, we bring them to the market.
Smart and Beautiful.
IoT apps must meet the highest requirements to ensure their sleek, seamless operation. We build apps that are as smart on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside. All the technical specifications that make a great app: client, server, infrastructure, communications, and memory usage - are carefully engineered and rigorously tested. Our apps run smoothly, load quickly and scale effortlessly with no lag, crash or other unexpected behavior that might spoil the experience.
/Marketing & Analytics/
Trusted Advisors from Day One.
The marketing possibilities made available with IoT are vast. To take full advantage of all these possibilities you need members of the marketing team involved in every aspect of your products development process from day one. Determining your business goals, onboarding, customer acquisition, defining success criteria and implementing the right analytic tools. Our marketing team has deep knowledge of these possibilities and will use their know-how to help you meet your business goals and achieve success.

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Our team

Zvi Frank
Executive Chairman at Zemingo Mobile Group
With pilots analogues and marine instincts, Frank gets us excited with all upcoming adventures. If you want Frank to get excited himself, walk to him and whisper the letters: MTK.
Tsiki Naftaly
Chief of Staff & Captain of Everything
If you ever had the chance to come into our offices and be a victim of a vicious prank, Tsiki is probably the one responsible. He's constantly on the lookout for our next hit app, with an emphasis on keeping everything high-end, slick and up to the Zemingo standards.
Maya Zalcberg
R&D Director
Not only does Maya give Zemingo the essential woman's touch, she's also responsible for most of the purple color you'll find lying around everywhere. With years of experience and scholarship, she's at the top of the mobile tech game.
Elad Urson
The Wiz
Being the 1st employee of Zemingo, Elad spent time in almost every position in the company. When you need something special - market overview, fixing difficult bugs, slick UX, system engineering or even T-shirt design - you better call Elad.
Maayan Zalevas
iOS Team Leader
With an iPhone attached to his head at all times, Maayan will juggle everything just to make his clients happy. As an ever so talented developer, he will be the one making sure your project gets the best treatment. Just make sure your phone is available at all times.
Danna Nave
Project Manager
To sum Dana up in a paragraph would be unrealistic. She's the person you'll talk to most and is here to advocate for you. The guys lovingly call her the "Zemingo glue" and rightfully so. Her business experience more than qualifies her to keep the guys inline and on task, and her personal skills are friendly and caring. In short, she's the calm to the chaos.
Dmitry Skomarovsky
Android Team Leader
So this guy is universally known as the world's best Googler (or at least Israel's), and as stated, he's the guy with all the answers. Google isn't his only tool, though. He's a multi-faceted creative monster. If Dima holds your Android phone for more than 30 seconds, he's probably installing a new ROM just for fun.
Dani Frenkel
Product Manager
Dani will do whatever it takes to make your app functional and user friendly Don't take it personally, it's for your own good! Here at Zemingo, we like to take application quality seriously. Also we always know what's best for you.
Yaniv Raphael
QA Team Leader & product Manager
Yaniv will make sure to sync your dreams with our developers' workflow. Don't get confused with his smile, when it comes to taking a decision, he will cut to the chase like a Swiss army knife.
Dor Duchovni
QA Black Belt
Work It Harder Make It Better Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger More Than Ever Hour After Our Work Is Never Over. Or at least 3 X 1/2 days in a regular work day...
Ziv gost
Tal Visbord
Android developer
Philip Drubich
iOS developer
Arguing is a must, the Russian we trust, that his bets he always will honor. Troll is the art, he's playing his part, and your sanity he soon will devour. He's an iOS wizard, but much like blizzard, it's perfection or off with your head. But there is one he will dread, nothing more need be said, his magic mouse will soon be dead.
Natalie Pinus
iOS developer
Keeping up with Natalie is a true challenge - an electronic, energized, fun loving programmer that never settles for anything less than perfection in the apps that she makes and in getting everyone from the office to dance at Zemingo events.
Robert Priscu
VP Business Development
A keen driver and true petrolhead, Robert is responsible for keeping Zemingo’s business on track and moving fast. If you need anything - he is the guy to talk to!
Doron Sulimani
Android developer
Etay Yatziv
Certified Tardis Pilot A.K.A Troll King
The Doctor travels around time and space contributing to the UNITY of programmers and trolls alike. His favorite planet is Jupiter's innermost moon IO, according to him traveling around iOS orbit is the best activity known to men and trolls alike
Itzik alkotzer
Sir codes a lot
Liran Latin
Qa Specialist
Liran is our big Apple Fanboy, he is an energetic, enthusiastic and one who is eager to learn and has an eye for details. Liran performs quality checks and ensure our products fulfill the product requirements.
Lital Porat
iOS Team Leader
Coding after two pints of homemade beer is a capability we at Zemingo respect and cultivate. Multi talented Lital would turn your spec into a bleeding edge iOS app with all the perks you could possibly ask for.
Yanai Rozenberg
iOS Team Leader
Slava Voltfman
Senior bug zapper
Oren Slor
Senior iOS developer
Magic happens when Oren's around. No coffee, no Redbull, no smoking, no tricks - an all natural 24/7 coding machine.
Moriya Ivgy
QA Guru
Moriya is our Imitations queen, she loves smiling and has a great sense of humor. In the work Moriya enjoys getting to grips with all the new projects in Zemingo Group and making them as perfect as possible.
Bracha Rubin
Financial magician
Ruby Gerber
Revital Pisman
QA Specialist
If it’s buggy, she will crash it. If it crashes, then you’re next. When it comes to finding needles in a hay stack, Revital is certainly the best. No lags gets by unnoticed, no UI glitch uncared. When she comes running from her desk, you better make yourself prepared.
Oren Othnay
Android developer
Yuval Mendelbaum
iOS intern developer
Adaya Cohen
iOS, android, servers, Xcode, android studio, notepad a black board or even a piece of paper, it doesn't matter ... just let her code or design with a smell of the sea and sun and you'll get the work done
Ayelet R. Lehmann
Hila Berny
Kobi chariski
iOS developer
For Kobi, the grand winner of 2013 Jobs award, life is a game. A 3D, multi layered, physical, Unity game.
Tom Milberg
iOS developer
Tom enjoys a good helping of bugs alongside his morning coffee. Wherever there's an issue yet to be solved or a feature yet to be implemented, Tom will be there waiting with a Mac.
Ran Kramer
Product Manager
With a name like "Kramer” you can never go wrong! A Modern day archimedes, Kramer will re-invent your app! 24-7 app architecture service, give him a call, he will do it all!
Oren Kronenfeld
Server Developer
Comes to work every day with a different kind of bike (very big or very small). For him a good day if he accomplished at least a several API request for our magnificent servers
Hilla Manor
VP Product
Assaf Yogev
Yellowtale CEO & Creative director
Elad Levi
Server Manager
If you see someone eating a big healthy meal early at the morning, it is probably Mr. Levi. as he likes his breakfast he would write your server to be healthy, nutritious and delicious.
Hila Sharashov
HR Manager
As an HR professional, Hila's only concern is seeping through the haystack of candidates, bludgeoning through the pretend wannabes to find those diamonds in the rough with that special spark making them one of us.
Koby Maman
Funneling our creativity into tasks and Gantt charts is not an easy task. Koby will make sure that your app will be delivered on time and up to the highest industry standards.
Guy Chen
iOS developer
All this Guy needs is a Mac, an idea and an occasional beer- mix these with a bit of Pearl Jam, throw in some burgers at lunchtime and you've got one hell of an app. Don't turn down the air conditioning though, you don't want to be there when he overheats.
itzik liderman
iOS developer
Ofer Meroz
iOS developer
Always ready with the next song on the office playlist, you'll never find Ofer without an upbeat tune to go along with the one-man app factory that he is. Don't ask him how his favorite soccer team did last night though, the answer is bound to be depressing.
Michael Yunusov
Android Team Leader
For Michael, Android isn't a mobile platform, it's a way of life. This means he often finds himself adjusting his lunch for best user experience and his desk for maximum efficiency
Miko Halevi
iOS Intern Developer
Hezi Taniani
UX Expert
Noa Green
Product manager