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We help everyone from early-stage startups to industry leaders create innovative digital products and services that transform how they engage with their customers.

Zemingo’s team of engineers, designers, researchers, product experts (and more) have been creating digital products and services since 2008, gathering experience and digital expertise in a wide variety of industries, including:

Start-up & High-Tech
Health & Wellness
Finance &
Devices & Industry 4.0
Mobility &
Our Philosophy
Deliver Real Value

Our primary focus is on the success of our clients. We believe that the best way to achieve this is by providing real value to both our clients and their end-users. Our job is to align the two. We connect the dots between a brand's business objectives, capabilities, and the benefits it delivers to its users. By carefully defining and prioritizing our client's goals and target audience, we create a digital concept that caters to the needs of both sides.

We aim high and strive for innovation without compromising our principles.

We treat each of our client's projects with the utmost care and attention, working in small teams to build strong connections. This fosters a sense of partnership and shared success.


When it comes to IT projects, unexpected challenges can arise. Our experience and knowledge help us design processes with tight caps on scope and complexity, ensuring a cost-effective end product.


By streamlining parallel work,  quick turnarounds, and having a product expert with a broad outlook oversee the project, we ensure that every milestone meets its deadline without compromising on scope or quality.

End Goal

We factor in every aspect of the project to guarantee a great product. Handling the entire life-cycle to avoid risks that can affect the end result, from the initial research to implementation and growth.

Our Team
All About People

Our leadership team are our architects of excellence. Most have been with Zemingo from its very foundation, constantly raising new generations of experts in their respective fields.

And many more..