Whether it's a new project, job inquiry, interesting collaboration, or an existential question, we want to hear form you.

Lorem ipsum are always looking to meet new people from different backgrounds and disciplines who think they'll be a good fit and could bring something new to the table. Or just bring some beer...

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If you're full of curiosity and passion, and are interested in doing something meaningful and challenging, let's have a chat...

We are always looking to meet new people from different backgrounds and disciplines who think they'll be a good fit and could bring something new to the table. Or just bring some beer...

Why Zemingo?
4 Good Reasons

We're not just about crafting pioneering digital solutions; we're about forging deep connections. Every project we undertake is infused with passion, ensuring our work is as meaningful as the bonds we build within our team. Here, collaboration meets innovation, creating a synergy where creativity flourishes and every voice matters.

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The People

Before anything else, we care about our people. While working together late into the night before a launch or celebrating at a company BBQ the weekend after it, we invest in the individuals who make our work great. With a warm and fun environment, competitive pay, benefits, and perks, we're one happy family :)

The Skills

Our team is a diverse group of experts with years of experience, and that means learning from each other and each new project. Be it a visual designer who learns how to code or an engineer who learns how to conduct user research, we constantly improve our skills, capabilities, and knowledge base.

The Work

On a typical day, we work on about 30 different projects for 20 different clients. Coming up with creative solutions for anything from medical devices to mobility, security, lifestyle, and much more. So if working on the same feature and design element for an entire year doesn't excite you, we just might...

The Future

Whether you want to grow and manage people and projects or find your niche and enjoy the work, we have a place for you. As a large, global agency backed by EMET Group (TASE:EMET), Zemingo offers stability, professional development, and career opportunities.

Perks & Benefits
Life at

For us, it's about feeling at home and being part of a family as much as it is about reaching the business end goal. Because if you don't have the first, it's very hard to achieve the latter...

Culture & Atmosphere

As much as we have fun working, we also make sure to do regular team night-outs, company trips and weekends, and lots more events and activites.

Personal Growth

Between regular workshops, weekly talks and lectures, attending conferences, or doing passion projects, we always invest in our team’s learning and enrichment.

Work / Life Balance

Enjoy a flexible model between the office, home, and even your work hours - So that you can benefit from face time with colleagues, while not worrying about who will pick up the kids from class.

Location & Commute

Our main office is conveniently located at the Ramat-Gan Business Center, in a new, custom-designed office. Providing a quality experience and an easy access from anywhere you come from.


We can’t really feel at home if we can’t bring our best friends to the office. If you're the same, grab your pup and join us!

Happy Hour

At the end of each week, we kick off the weekend with a bang! Constantly mixing up our feast and drinks of choice to keep things fun.

Newest Team Member
Team Spotlights
Noa C.
UI Designer

Noa recently started working at Zemingo as a product designer. She hails from Tel Aviv after the perfect (long) trip to Central America. Noa's latest workplace was Marcomit, where she worked as a marketing and communications designer. Her favorite thing to do, and what always brings a smile to her face, is going to the beach, seeing friends, and having a beer or an iced coffee - ideally, all combined.

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