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Making a digital experience look as good as it sounds
Technics wanted to revamp its True Wireless Headphones mobile app in order to provide the best experience for such a high-quality product.
Devices & Industry 4.0
The Challenge

Technics, Panasonic’s audio equipment brand, has asked Zemingo to optimize its existing mobile app for True Wireless Headphones after realizing the overall user experience does not match the technical quality. We were asked to study and analyze the app and product, internally and with their target users, identify problems in the experience and redesign the UX/UI for an optimal experience that will enable the full potential of their True Wireless products. Another challenge was to develop a new UI design that, on the one hand, would feel true to the brand (which is very important to their core users and people who care deeply about sound quality) and could stand on its own as a digital product.

The Solution

What We Did
Usability Testing
User Research
UX Design

It’s a clean, stable, and logical app, with plenty of functionality and no flashy graphics to distract you".
Simon Lucas, TechRadar

The Solution

After mapping out every feature, flow, and component of the app, we set out to conduct in-person usability testing, observing users onboard, pair, and explore different features in a natural environment. After completing our rounds of testing and gaining insights about the friction points that needed improvements, we started thinking about how to develop the new aesthetics as well. The central insight that led our work was the need for the design to feel connected to Technics products and the physical experience of using them. Their clean and elegant design, combined with the idea of a tactical-like experience in the UI, eventually determined the final and successful design.

The Technics smartphone app is a slick software offering much customization and usability".
Mark Sparrow, Senior Contributor, Forbes