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Gamifying a medical device for better breathing
Alvio’s innovative approach to treating children’s respiratory issues turns breathing exercises into a motivating game. We helped turn it into a reality.
Health & Wellness
The Challenge

Initially developed and designed at R/GA Ventures, Alvio’s device and game allow kids to practice inhaling and exhaling and exercise their lungs while playing, controlling the avatar with their breathing. To complete the process, it needed to address a whole mix of additional issues, from various types of users (kids, parents, doctors), the game's reaction to the input from the device, ergonomics (using the device and tablet together), combining medical requirements with gamification, and more.

The Solution

Through understanding the issues and concerns our users have with the subject, we designed and built a visual and verbal language that would alleviate as much worry as possible and put the child at ease as he or she starts playing without losing any of the critical medical content that needed to be conveyed. With a fun onboarding process and good use of micro-copy, interactions, and animations, we were able to transform the initial concept into a functioning, playful, and effective digital experience that can truly help children.

What We Did
UX Design
Mobile Development
Interaction Design
Product Management
Rapid Prototyping
Technical Delivery Management
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