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Turning migraine treatment into a personal and positive experience
Theranica needed to introduce a new and complex medical solution, as well as develop the digital experience around it. We ensure both were effective.
Health & Wellness
The Challenge

Anyone who suffers from migraines knows just how bad it can be, and the pain itself is not the only concern - The wide variety of treatments could have serious side effects, fear of addiction, and more. Theranica's unique treatment method and technology - an armband that uses conditioned pain modulation (CPM) to stimulate pain inhibitors naturally - was a challenge to translate into a friendly and easy-to-use product and a clear and easy-to-understand brand that will speak to both patients and physicians.

The Solution

What We Did
User Research
Product Strategy
UX Design
In-Depth Interviews
Design Thinking Workshops
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Concept Validation

Our carefully engineered BLE framework and offline data synchronization have proven highly reliable in real-world scenarios.
Robert Priscu | CEO, Zemingo

The Solution

By conducting extensive user testing on different UX solutions, we were able to find a simple and effective experience, engaging the user to pinpoint the level of treatment and enabling the app to learn the patient's specific migraine pattern, leading to better results. Building on that, we design a full graphic system and a brand positioning that captures Theranica's essence as a worry-free migraine solution. The development included everything from initial connection to the new device all the way to completing all treatment cycles, back-end doctor monitoring, and replenishment.

We need to address the fact that users would likely suffer from a migraine at the time of use. Having high sensitivity to light, distracted, and with a short attention span."
Keren Ben Dror | Head of Product Design, Zemingo