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Introducing the Chery brand to the Israeli market
When Freesbe (Carasso Motors) started distributing the Chinese car brand Chery in Israel for the first time, It needed a new look for the new audience.
Mobility & Transportation
The Challenge

The launch of the Chery car brand in Israel was a double challenge. It wasn’t only the first introduction the Israeli market had to the brand; it was also happening at the same time as multiple other Chinese car brands started selling in Israel. This created an urgency to position it as the better choice from the alternatives for an audience that was weary to begin with of any Chinese car brand. The main goal was to create enough initial interest and generate enough leads and test drive appointments so that the public perception would start growing quickly and organically as soon as it launched.

The Solution

What We Did
UX Design
Web Development & PWA
Content Writing

The Solution

By cherry-picking (apologies for the pun) the right material from the global Chery brand, we were able to create a new, more specific, and targeted identity for the local Chery brand that will give the Israeli audience the sense of quality and performance they were looking for as their preferred car brand in its category. We emphasized a strong and dramatic color palette, with slick and high-end design elements originating from the design of the different car models, to drive home the message about its capabilities.

After the successful launch of Chery we also signed with XPENG, another Chinese brand".
Itzik Weitz | Freesbe CEO