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CA Global
Reimagining the home camera as a personal assistant
Polaroid Hoop was a standard WiFi camera brand. When it was purchased by CA Global, they asked to see how far product innovation can take it.
Devices & Industry 4.0
The Challenge

CA Global, which operates products for brands such as Polaroid, HP, and Kodak, has asked Zemingo to explore product innovation opportunities in the home security camera space. In a very crowded and competitive field, leveraging existing technology and capabilities into a new product pitch that will create clear differentiation and deliver real value turned out to be an exciting and fascinating challenge.

The Solution

It was clear that with most products in the category emphasizing only security-related features and benefits, we would have to take a different approach. After talking to a variety of potential users, we identified an opportunity with suburban households living in single-family homes that could benefit from the camera’s face-recognition technology to stay on top of their busy schedule - For example, being informed that a child is back from class, setting up alerts and reminders such as homework or walking the dog, and much more.

What We Did
Art Direction
Concept Validation
Design Thinking Workshops
Digital Transformation
In-Depth Interviews
Interaction Design
Product Innovation
User Research
Product Videos
UX Design
Visual Identity
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