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Leveraging shopping data to build an insurance marketplace
Isracard, Israel’s largest credit company, asked Zemingo to help offer its clients the best car insurance policies based on their specific needs, preferences, and history.
Finance & Insurance
The Challenge

While Isracard already had a large amount of data about its users’ financial history, leveraging it in order to provide the best car insurance policies without creating a sense that their information is being abused and still keeping the process as short and succinct as possible, required a tough tight-rope act in the UX. At the same time, transparency was also an important issue, ensuring users were assured they got the best deal without bias.

The Solution

A big part of the solution involved gamification. As the users were encouraged to answer more questions and provide more information, they received points that could be translated into discounts and better deals on the insurance policies offered. At the same time, the language heavily revolved around the issue of transparency and instilling trust with the user by using clear and personal copy to explain each step, including the reasoning and benefit. Lastly, the UI included visuals and animations that were updated in real-time according to the user's answers, creating another layer of personalization and engagement.

What We Did
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