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Reshet 13
Overhauling the infrastructure behind news and streaming
Reshet13 needed to redesign and rebuild the backend of its digital news and VOD assets to keep up with its growth. We got to work behind the scenes.
Startup & High-Tech
The Challenge

As one of Israel’s largest media companies, Reshet’s online presence was established a long time ago, and it was forced to add (or, more accurately, patch) a large number of services, solutions, and technologies onto the original infrastructure over the years. That led to increasing challenges when working on SEO issues and generally limiting the systems’ flexibility and adaptability.

The Solution

Together with Reshet’s tech department, we decided to completely rebuild their native apps and main website to support web views for most content pages. We used Next.js to provide optimal support for their SEO needs, and due to the fact that all of their rendering was server side. Additionally, we went through all of their most important integrations, such as Google Ads and Taboola, to ensure their advertisement needs were also optimized and set up properly for the foreseeable future.

What We Did
API & CMS Development
Cloud Development
Information Security
Mobile Development
Performance Analysis
Technical Architecture Planning
Technical Delivery Management
Web Development & PWA
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