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Movement Group
Making every kind of exercise, available anywhere, anytime
Movement Group needed to consolidate the thousands of different wellness activities it offered its users across the country into a single, simple experience.
Health & Wellness
The Challenge

Finding a way to combine everything from Yoga lessons from freelance instructors to managing memberships at gyms and facilities with dozens of locations, and even access to live, online sessions and activities demanded a very thought-out user experience to make sure every user can find what they want (and every provider can gain more users).

The Solution

What We Did
UX Design
Interaction Design
Design Thinking Workshops

Having a really talented product manager who is always on top of both schedule and budget allowed us to get to a great result while being tight on both issues.
Hezi Taniani | VP Product, Movement Group

The Solution

Working based on the new Move visual identity, we utilized the capsule element to build a distinct layout for each event the user has signed up for. That helped create an easily recognizable and scalable way of communicating information, as well as defining the light and fun element behavior and micro-interactions, intended to further increase engagement and motivate the users to sign up for activities.

It’s the people. Their professional approach, attention to detail, and how they practice human-centered design, made a tremendous impact on our application.
Hezi Taniani | VP Product, Movement Group